Powerwave Antenna Systems
We provides most extensive lines of base station Antennas, Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) and Filters in the world.
Our product portfolio covers all major frequency bands and air interfaces.
Our Innovations Give You the Advantage
The strategy for the Powerwave Antenna System portfolio is to reduce capital expenditure as well as operational costs while minimizing the environmental impact through a continuous flow of new features, increased integration and innovative design solutions.
Typical Telecom Services
:.: Site Acquisition & Permitting
:.: Tower Erection, Antenna & Feeder Installation
:.: Installation of Civil Work, Mechanical & Power System,
     AC Power Connection, BTS
:.: Testing and Commissioning

Typical Broadcast Services
:.: Tower Erection
:.: Antenna & Feeder Line Installation
:.: Installation of Civil Work, Mechanical & AC Power Connection
     and Power System
:.: Transmitter and Microwave Installation
:.: Testing and Commissioning